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Well that was a crazy good episode! In true TVD fashion, there were some plot twists that no one saw coming!
Let’s start with the obvious one… Elena didn’t win, and Katherine did? Quick recap: Katherine’s traveler friends actually did a spell and it worked. Katherine Pierce won and now Elena is gone.
Cue the collective “NOOoOoOoOoO”
I am soooooo upset! I know there are a lot of people out there who are huge Katherine fans, but I am not one of them! I love Elena, she is the moral compass of the show (not to mention the main character.) I hate that she is gone, even if it is only for 1 or 2 episodes. Because really, how long can they keep this up?!?! Fine, have them share a body, but PLEASE TVD, don’t take Elena away from us forever.
We also found out Katherine’s plan: to stay in town and get back together with Stefan like it was 1864. This is the stupidest plan Katherine has ever come up with, Stefan is going to eventually realize that Elena isn’t acting right and that she is really Katherine. However, Katherine has a good chance of pulling this off since literally NO One noticed that she was Indeed Katherine tonight. Seriously guys??!!?!
On to the next story, poor sad GUIlTY Caroline. She was just sleeping with the one guy who truly loves her unconditionally… Why can’t y’all cut her a break? Plus, have y’all seen Klaus… He is only the 2nd most beautiful vampire. Of course she is going to get with him. Anyways, I hate how Tyler reacted. He is such a little baby about everything. He thinks he is all big and bad, but at the end of the day, he just cries about his problems. He was so mean to Caroline, I just wanted to slap him through my TV.
Damon, I love to see you bad!! After (literally) the best speech in TVD history, you then went back to your original bad boy self who we all love to hate! I love Damon and Elena together, and I wish they had had a few more episodes of happiness before they tore it all away, this storyline just keeps getting juicer! I love how Damon and Enzo have teamed up together to take revenge again! It is like last season how Elena turned her humanity off, it was time for Damon to have a little bad boy fun! As long as he helps save Elena in the next few episodes!
Stefan, you were interesting? I don’t really understand what the writers are doing with you. are you Katherine’s one true love? I highly doubt it because you said that you didn’t feel anything for her after she died, but somehow Katherine still believes you will fall for her. However, this storyline that the writers are sending him down seems rather predicatble. He will get back together with ‘Elena’ and then find out she is really Katherine, and then kill Katherine.
Bonnie, will you please see what no one else sees??? Katherine is Elena! How come you didn’t speak up when Katherine didn’t pass through your body. Surely you noticed. Maybe that will be the small fact that makes everyone else suspicious!
Matt is going to notice that his vervain bracelet is gone, yet another clue there is something fishy going on in mystic falls!
Elena will be back, but I think the writers love Katherine too! I think they are going to share a body somehow, or they are going to give Katherine a new one.
Damon and Enzo will have a lot of fun killing people, but Stefan will get his brother back on the right track. What better way to do that than to figure out how to get Katherine out of Elena’sbody?
I think the biggest thing they will have to do is to keep acting towards Katherine how they normally act around Elena even after they figure out that she is actually Karherine. If they tip her off that they know, then Katherine will run. As Katherine always says, she is a survivor.
Tylor, will you leave already? I want him to leave, but I think he will stay. He has some big story line coming up or they wouldn’t have brought him back.
Catherine is going to be right beside Damon and Stefan trying to save Elena… Again.

I hope y’all enjoyed the episode this week, I sure did! Let me know your predictions and your thoughts!