OOTD-October 21,2014


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Wow! October… It’s the pinnacle of fall! I am partial to summer, but there is something about the chill of fall! I have an outfit for y’all today! And a fall makeup look 🙂
The clothes first! These pants are from Micheal Kors. Don’t get to excited… I got them for $20! The shirt is last years Karen Kane collection. I love how big and flowy it is, but the sleeves are tight! I think it looks great with these tight pants. The shoes are from Nine West.
The makeup: on my eyes I used the Maybelline the nudes pallet. I used color #2 on the top row (looking from left to right) for my crease, color #5 on the bottom row for my highlight, and color #6 on the top row for my outer corners. I put Loreal infalliable, in color 755 guilded envy on my lids. Then I lined my top lashes in gel eyeliner. For my lips, I lined and filled them in with jordana liner in rock n rose. It makes a beautiful brown lip! Then I went over that with Revlon Colorburst matte balm in 225, sultry. It makes a beautiful brown and rose colored lip! Perfect for fall!




I hope y’all are having a great week!

Here is my makeup in a little better lighting!


Back to School, teacher style!


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That time is finally here… Back to school!
Summer flew by so fast, As usual, and now my days are filled with lesson planning and teenagers!
I was ready to come back… I missed my kids! I get a whole new ‘crop’ of them and I am super excited! I wanted to share with y’all what my first day back look will be. The dress I am wearing is from Banana Republic factory, (I got it for $50). The necklace is from Steinmart ($15) and the shoes are Nine West!




The vibe I was going for was ‘Elle woods’. I think I get an A for that!
I hope y’all have a wonderful day!

Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain Review


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Good morning lovelies!

Today I wanted to share with you my favorite lip crayons, the Revlon Colorburst!


These have such amazing pigmentation for a drugstore product. And, they last on your lips forever. Making your lips velvety soft is just a bonus! They have matte versions, as well as lacquer versions. All of the ones that I have featured are the matte formula!

Here is what one looks like once you open up the cap.


Now for the swatches. From top to bottom, the colors are: honey, sultry, elusive, and sweetheart valentine.


The color that I wear the most, especially during the summer, is elusive! However, honey makes the perfect nude lip. When I want a little darker nude, I reach for sultry. But to make my lips look Barbie pink, I go for sweetheart valentine!

Go and buy some.. NOW! 🙂
Have a great week y’all!!

10 Essential Wardrobe Staples For Teachers


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This whole blog is dedicated to teachers, and what we should wear to look amazing to do the job that we love! However, it is no secret that we make nearly nothing doing this incredibly fulfilling job (at least that’s the case in NC!).
I have put together a list of the 10 wardrobe choices that every teacher must have! This goes from the elementary teachers, all the way to us high school teachers. If you don’t have these 10 things, then you need to get them ASAP!

1) good black shoes
It’s well known that I prefer heels, however, it doesn’t change the fact that we all need a good pair of black shoes! Flats or heels, make sure that you get yourself a good, comfortable pair! The ones that I have featured here are from Nine West, and they are patent leather. I feel like a grown up in these. Since I am still a young teacher, I like shoes that make me look different than my students. These shoes do!

2) nude shoes
These are so absolutely essential! Once you purchase a pair, you will wonder how you ever loved without nude shoes. I have about 4 different pairs now, and they literally go with everything! I got these specific ones from Dillard’s ages ago. However, every major designer has a pair of these in their collections right now. As teachers, we need comfortable shoes, not just cute ones. I have to tell myself this repeatedly while shopping!

3) nice jeans
A pair of jeans for Friday! Is that just a southern thing, or do teachers across the countries do this too? We (luckily) get to wear jeans on Friday! The best pair of jeans to buy is a pair that are considered ‘dress denim’. Usually this implies that the jeans are higher waisted, and they are flared at the bottom, like trouser pants. I like to find a pair that I can also wear with high heels! This makes me look like a teacher on Fridays, instead of just like a nicely dressed student. These are the best pair of jeans that I have ever found ! They are from Michael Kors… And a little expensive! But if you find a sale on them, I highly recommend getting yourself a pair.

4) a flowy black sweater
This type of sweater looks good on every single body type. It is tight on the arms, but has a flowy collar, and front. I really like to pair these sweaters with tighter pants, such as ankle pants. I have this type of sweater in nude, white and navy, so all of my bases are covered! If I had to pick a color though, the black one would be the best option! This particular one is by the brand Allision and Brittany… I got it at Hamricks ages ago, but varieties of these sweaters can be found everywhere!

5) the chunky sweater
This sweater is the perfect chunky knit sweater ever. This one is from Chico’s. Again, there are a variety of variations of this one. These are perfect for fall and winter, where teachers spend the most time freezing in their classrooms. I like to wear these with any of my pants… It literally goes with everything!

6) the perfect button up
My perfect button up came from J.Crew, but the ones at banana Republic are also amazing! These are perfect to wear under the before mentioned sweaters. I always like to put a chunky necklace and big bracelet with these to make them more interesting.

7) black pants
I prefer ankle pants, as mentioned earlier. However, find the black pant that you feel the most comfortable in. Ann Taylor has a ton of different fits for all types of body shapes. But if you are looking for ankle pants, try Cynthia Rowley, she makes the best ones! If they need to be altered, don’t be scared to find a seamstress. If they fit perfect in the waist, and in the rear, but are to long, don’t get discouraged! Just get them hemmed! As a very short girl (5’2) I have to get things hemmed constantly. Find a good seamstress, immediately!

8) the pencil skirt
A kaki one is the best choice, in my opinion. I love skirts, even basic ones! This skirt isn’t my absolute favorite, but it is one that I wear the most. I would rather buy the ones with beautiful patterns and interesting colors. However, having a good basic pencil skirt will serve you well! Ann Taylor has the best basic pieces like this!

9) the shirt dress
I found this gem on sale at a Michael Kors outlet for $20! These shirt dresses are the best ‘everyday’ kind of dress you could get! Marshall’s and TJ Maxx have a lot of these right now! I would jazz these up with bold jewelry and a cool up do.

10) the LBD
Every teacher needs a professional little black dress. This one is from J.Crew. I highly recommend getting a really nice quality one! This is the perfect dress to meet parents in, get observed in, ect. Sometimes we have to look more professional than usual, and the perfect black dress is essential!

I hope that y’all are having fun doing your back to school shopping! I know I am!

Maybelline, The Nudes eyeshadow palette review


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Hey y’all!
I hope your week got off to a great start. Today, I am going to talk about the latest nude palette, thankfully it is a drugstore one! This nude palette is the drugstore answer to the high end urban decay nude palette. If you are thrifty like me, or are just starting out with makeup, this is a palette you should get! This was about $10, so it is very affordable! Also, this palette is going to be a permanent thing, so if you can’t find it, don’t fret! It will be in your drugstore soon!
Now to the review!
I actually really like this palette. The color pigmentation is pretty good for a drugstore product. I would definitely put an eyeshadow primer with this though, otherwise the color would be hard to build up. Speaking of, make sure that you really build this product up for the best pigmentation and color. It’s a good $10 product!
Swatches anyone??


These are swatches of the first row of eye shadows, going from left to right. My favorite one on this row is #4. It is a beautiful gold-ish color!


This is the second row. I like a lot of colors in this row, but if I had to choose one, it would be the very first color.


This is why this product is so great for beginners. The back of the package shows exactly how to use all of the colors. The company has placed each color so that it is in a duo, quad, and trio. It is a really neat way to show people how to use the product!

I would say that this needs to be purchased by thrifty divas like me! You just have to be willing to work with the product, and it will be worth the $10!

I hope that y’all have a great week!

Review- Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray


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Hey y’all!
Have you heard of this stuff before? I got it earlier this summer to keep my makeup from sliding off of my face in the summer heat. And I’m here to tell you that it really does what it claims. This make up setting spray is supposed to be the best out there. As a pretty thrifty person, I wanted to get the best setting spray, and decided to listen to the you tube beauty gurus and go straight for this product instead of trying to find a cheaper version.
This miracle product is supposed to make makeup last for 16 hours, hence why it is called the all nighter makeup setting spray.
I really like that it is oil and paraben and free. It doesn’t break out my severely sensitive skin, which was something I was initially worried about. They make a version for oily skin, but I have yet to try it. Once I use this bottle, the oily version will be my next purchase!
I use this setting spray every day, and I use it twice.
The first time I use it is right after I put on my primer. It acts as a second glue. I have found that my face looks even less oily if I use it before I even put my makeup on. The second time, I use it as directed, and spritz it over my entire face after applying all of my makeup. Make sure that you let it dry both times before applying any more makeup or touching your face.
Now, I couldn’t imagine using this product! It has quickly become an essential for makeup application!

I hope that y’all have a great week!

Weekly favorite- August 4 2014


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This is my last week before school things start reving back up! I chose to get lost in a book this week, a historical romance to get myself back into the historical frame of mind!
Johanna Lindsey is one of the best historical romance writers! I promise that you will love her stories, even if you don’t know a lick about history!
This particular book I am reading is called ‘The Devil Who Tamed Her.’ In a nutshell, it is a bout a duke who ‘kidnaps’ a lady to try and teach her manners. Ophelia is the most beautiful girl in all of London, but her attitude is the ugliest. The duke is a do-gooder that makes a bet with a friend that he can change Ophelia’s ways.
It’s the perfect mind numbing book for me to read right now! I love historical romances because they don’t involve a lot of thinking on a readers part. All I have to do is simply read. I’m not trying to figure out who the assassin is, where the secret code could be, or who is going to be turned into a vampire next.
I really enjoy the historical romances about Lords and Ladies in England during the 1800’s. It is the quintessential time to be an aristocrat in England. There are parities and balls, and the gentleman have to ask permission for everything. Ladies are courted by men instead of whatever form of ‘dating’ we do now.
Can you tell that I wish I could have lived during that time? Yep, I sure do! The closest I got was being a debutante.
Basically, you should read this book, pronto. Or anything by Johanna Lindsey. They can usually be found at Walmart for $8. Go pick one up today!

Happy Reading!

My New Gluten a Free Life!

Hey guys!

First off, No, I did not just jump onto the gluten free bus because I read that it was now ‘cool’ to be gluten free. For years I have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks. A few weeks ago, I went gluten free to see if that would help any. And it actually worked! I went from having about 4-6 panic attacks a week to having 0 for the past 3 weeks! It’s been amazing!
It’s been hard though! I didn’t know what gluten was! I only thought it was in bread… It’s not! Gluten is in so many things, sometimes for a preservative. Gluten is in a lot of things that you wouldn’t believe it was in: soup, ice cream, taco seasoning, and almost everything from most restaurants. I don’t have celiac disease, and thankfully I don’t have to worry about cross contamination, but I still have to be careful and read labels. I’m not much of a chef, so I wanted to buy things that were already made for me…like cookies! So, I want to feature 1 gluten free food a week for y’all on this blog. Whatever I feature will be pre-made. The biggest problem for me these past few weeks has been finding good gluten free food. So, I want to review these already made foods and tell you if they are worth it or not! I have tried quite a few things, and I am really excited to tell y’all all about them!
I know that this is a blog about beauty and fashion, but it is also about my life! This is a new journey that I want y’all to experience with me. I hope that you will join me for the ride!
Let me know if there is a specific gluten free food that y’all LOVE, or a specific type of food that you want to see featured. I have a massive sweet tooth, so I will start of with things like that first! I also want to feature pasta, breads, and other recipes that are REALLY easy that I find online.
I hope that y’all have had a wonderful day!!


Drugstore haul- last one of the summer, hopefully


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I have spent ALOT of money unnessasarily this summer. With a brokenheart, one of the ways that I have kept myself occupied is shopping…uncontrollably. Therefore, I regret to inform y’all that this will be my last haul until I get another paycheck at the end of August…sigh.
Or, I’ll do my best! 🙂
Instead of hauls, I’m wanting to do in depth reviews of products I already have, tell y’all how I use them, ect.

So, to start things of we can start with my new lip liners!


These are Jordna lip liners, and I got these at Walgreens! I went into Walgreens to kill some time between appointments, and I came out with a bag full of goodies! Luckily, most of them were on sale, or cheap! These fall into the later category of cheap! These were 2.19 EACH! I think that lip liner is usually really expensive for what it is, so I don’t buy it much! But I can handle that price. The top swatch is rock n rose, and is a beautiful neutral. The second is a pretty pink called baby berry.



These are 2 lipsticks by Rimmel in there moisture renew collection. I got these for $3.69 on sale when they were originally $7.29!! YAY!!! Anyway, the top color is pink chic, and the second one is coral shimmer. I really don’t understand how these 2 colors didn’t sell… They are beautiful!



These two are by different companies. The first one is by wet n wild, and it is part of Fergies collection. This color is called penthouse sweet, and is a gorgeous pink! I got this on sale for $2.61! Next is a Maybelline elixir gloss, and this is the color carnation. It is a more neutral pink, that I think will be gorgeous in the fall. I paid full price for this one, $7.16.



Maybelline color Tatto is my favorite drugstore cream eyeshadow. This stuff is amazing! I did a review on it earlier in the summer. When I saw that these were on sale at Walgreens, I had to pick myself up some more! The top color is pomegranate punk, and the second one is audacious asphalt. Both of these are so pretty! The punk one is a little more brown than I thought it was going to be, but it is still pretty! I got these for $3.49 each when they had originally been $7 each.



Sinful colors nail polish has a new line out called sinful shine! I picked out 2 colors to test. The blue one is so pretty, it reminds me of Carolina blue. It’s called alfresco. The purple one is called pragmatic. This summer, I have really been into purple nails, so I’m excited to put this one on especially. Each of these were $1.99


Last is my face cleanser and toner. These cannot be purchased at any drugstore, but instead have to be ordered from a salon. I just thought I would throw these in here since I bought this all in the same day! This is the only thing that works on my acne prone skin. If you can’t find anything that world for you, I highly recommend giving this product a try!

I hope y’all have had a wonderful week!

Monday favorites! July 28, 2014


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This week I have really been loving the newest Maroon 5 album, overexposed.
The songs are really speaking to me this week! I don’t even have a favorite song… They are all really good!! There are songs about break ups, relationship beginnings, and everything in between!
If you haven’t checked out this album yet, I highly recommend listening to it on spotify! I love this app… It’s actually another favorite of the week for me!

I hope that y’all had an amazing weekend!